How Reading Changed My Life…

As I believe, reading is one of the amazing habits you can create in your life. It expands your wisdom of knowledge and make you smarter. Reading made a huge impact on me in many better ways. It improved my personality and turned me in to a positive person.

When I was younger, I didn’t know the exact value of reading. But as I grew older, I understood the importance of reading more than ever. I used live in a hostel when I was working faraway from my hometown. That is where most of my joyful memories belong and the place where I met with my most beautiful, four best friends. However, One of the girls from my hostel gave me a book called The Alchemist by author Paulo Coelho. The book was about a young man chasing his dreams. Since then, my passion for reading started to grow bigger. Sometimes I choose books over watching tv series, because reading gave me more pleasure than watching a series which was already filmed.

My reading habit started with Novels. My favourite author is Sidney Sheldon. There was a time that I was really addicted to read his novels. As times goes by, I enhance my readings to self improving topics. I used to choose novels with motivational stories and read lot of self improving articles, blogs and books. This is where my habit of reading turn out to be a blessing for my life. I started to see the positive in every aspect in my life.

Reading is a good workout for our brain. Reading regular can improve our memory functions and capacity of our brain. It improves our imaginations and thinking patterns. Also when I’m having a hard time, reading helps me to reduce my stress level. While reading, I can easily lost my self in a great story and relax my self till all my tensions drain away.

Moreover, reading made me more knowledgeable and wise. Everything I read in my life, filled me with new information and improved my awareness about the world. There is a famous saying “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” by ― Dr. Seuss. When reading becomes a habits, we feel more craving for knowledge and it will enhance our self-confidence indeed.

After many years of reading, It becomes a habit of mine. My language skills grew further and my vocabulary expand more. I’m not a native English speaker but gradually I learn the language with the help of my readings. I explore more new words and it helps me to sharpen my spoken ability as well. Meanwhile, I started writing. As I read and learn more, I wanted to convert my thoughts and knowledge into words. And this is how I became a writer.

As I believe, reading not only brings you happiness and pleasure. It can bring you inner peace and relaxation. Over the years of reading, I improved my concentration skills and stronger my analytical skills.

This is how my journey of reading started and how it changed me into a better person. I encourage everyone to read because I experienced the value of it and I know the outcome of reading is limitless.

So I believe, reading is one of the wonderful habits to practice in your life. If you are new to the habit of reading, start reading little by little. Read at least 30 minutes per day. When you do it regularly, it will become a life changing habit of yours.